Quality Assurance

Providing safety to Global Society
with Uncompromising Quality Control

The various parts produced at Fuserashi are assembled by our customers into larger components.
At Fuserashi, we believe our parts produce value only when the finished product is delivered to the end user.
Each part fulfills a critical role and acts as an important part of the whole.
That is why we focus on constantly producing parts consistent with the required functions and features.
During our entire process—from the development stage to production—Fuserashi carries out quality assurance activities using strict evaluation standards.

An Excellent Quality
Control System


Quality Control System

By building a comprehensive ‘Quality Control System’ centered on our Quality Control Department,
Fuserashi responds to the drastically changing global environment and strives to offer high-quality
and high value-added products to satisfy customer demands.


Quality Policy

Fuserashi improves customer satisfaction and reliability
by accurately grasping the customer’s needs and supplying safe products that customers are eager to purchase.
We also continue to uphold our company creed of being ‘dedicated to continuous progress.
‘ We aim to secure the happiness of our employees, achieve perpetual growth as a business organization,
and provide contributions to local communities, industries, and customers – this is our management principle.
To this end, all of our employees work towards establishing,
operating and improving the quality management system and to clarify rights and duties, while aspiring to establish,
operate and improve standardized processes.



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