One-side Bolts ・ Micro-pins


– Pioneering the future of cities

The buildings, houses, bridges, freeways, and other architectural structures that you find in cities are constructed by joining many parts together. We believe that the most important elements required in such structures are safety and ease of construction.

Until recently the only way to join the structural cages and beams of reinforced concrete was by welding because these components are only accessible from one side. However, welding is inefficient because it requires skilled labour and, since there is variance in welding quality, X-ray inspection is needed to ensure safety.

In order to solve such problems, FUSERASHI developed a joining technology called ONE-SIDE BOLT. This fastener allows an unskilled labourer to fasten parts from one side using a high-tensile bolt and provides such advantages as improved earthquake resistance, lowered construction cost, shortened construction time, and reduced labour. Besides building construction, currently this joint technique is also widely adopted for urban infrastructure, such as bridge reinforcement and preventing freeway side-walls from falling, all this while simultaneously providing the opposing features of optimum safety and installation ease.




More effective, cost saving bolt

It’s successfully connected to hand unreachable spot,
and it does not require welding process. These bolt can be used in many fields of industry.

Please note that ONE-SIDE BOLT is not separable parts by parts.
Each parts needs to be set all together when you use it.


Micro-pins to
Accelerate Information Technology

Micro-parts, such as pins and tubes, are used in mobile phone batteries. As cutting is not possible for manufacturing on such a small scale, we developed methods to mass produce these parts , while maintaining precision at a micro-level using forming technologies. Our micro-parts are recognized by domestic manufacturers as well as those around the globe and are used in the IT field for information devices, imaging equipment and other electronics.



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