Manufacturing automobile parts by advanced micro-controlled heading techniques

Automobile Battery Parts

Automobile Battery Parts

Enhancing the Future of Human Life and the Earth

Fuserashi uses technologies such as cold forming and cold forging to develop EV・HEV parts. Today, prevention of global warming through reductions of CO2 is one of the most critical problems facing the world. The wide adoption of EV・HEV is one solution to this problem. Fuserashi's products are even used in the eco-friendly cars found all over the world. Now, we work with our clients to investigate the shapes, materials and other part aspects that yield improved streamlining and higher performance, while ensuring a cost advantage during mass production. We will continue our research and development in order to meet the requirements of a true zero-emission vehicle in the future.

Electric Vehicle


Battery Terminal

This is used as a part of the terminal for chargers and EV outlets.



These parts are used to bundle leading wires from the charger outlet.


SD Switch (service disconnent switch)

The SD switch is used to switch the current circuit of a converter during maintenance. Fuserashi's products are used as the component parts of SD switches.

Hybrid Vehicle


Terminal Post

This part is used for the nickel- hydride batteries found in hybrid vehicles. It works as an electrode terminal welded to the battery case.