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1.Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited with respect to use of this Web site.

  • ・Acts infringing on the property, privacy, or the like of Fuserashi or a third party and acts with the risk of such infringement.
  • ・Acts of slandering, defaming or threatening Fuserashi or a third party or harming the honor or trust thereof, Acts in violation of the public order and morals and acts with the risk of doing so.
  • ・Acts of using or supplying a computer virus or other harmful product and acts with the risk of doing so, Acts violating laws and ordinances as well as regulations and the like having a legally binding effect.
  • ・Acts of stating or submitting false information such as registering another person’s e-mail address.


Fuserashi does not accept responsibility for any of the below items concerning information on this Web site.

  • ・That all of the information presented is correct, safe, or useful.
  • ・That the information presented is suitable or functional with respect to a specific purpose.
  • ・That the information presented is always current.
  • ・That it is safe including that it does not contain a computer virus or other potential harm.
  • ・Any damages arising due to modification or deletion of the Use Terms or the information on this Web site or interruption, cessation, or suspension of this Web site.
  • ・Any matter related to a Web site accessed through a link on this Web site.

3.Applicable Law

The laws of Japan shall apply to these Terms of Use and this Web site.
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