CSR Policy Statement

We at Fuserashi Group commit ourselves, by means of our expertise as a manufacturer,
to designing and developing advanced technologies and to supplying high-quality products,
and exert sustained efforts to contribute to the conservation of the global environment
and to society as a manufacturer of automotive components.
We advance ourselves steadily step by step, aiming at developing human resources
and improving environment and product quality, in order to become a company
that will provide welfare not only to our employees but also to all of society.


Basic philosophy

  1. We provide products and services that each and every customer can safely use.
  2. We uninterruptedly attempt to improve ourselves based on our corporate policy: “Dedicated to continuous progress.”
  3. We aim at enhancing the happiness of our employees and at growing continuously as a business, while contributing to local communities, industrial sectors, and our customers.
  4. As a corporate citizen, we are profoundly conscious of the criticality of the impact that every aspect of our corporate activities may have on the global environment. We reduce adverse environmental impact through efficient production activities in consideration of environmental conservation, while proactively committing ourselves to global environmental conservation activities.
  5. As a global company, we always pay respect to the local cultures and customs in the communities where we do business, and commit ourselves to realizing a company where every employee can be satisfied with being a participant.


CSR guidelines

To promote business activities in consideration of corporate social responsibilities,
Fuserashi Group members perform
the following activities based on three areas of guidelines, as follows:

1. Compliance

Compliance with the letter and spirit of laws and regulations

In all the business activities of the Group, we strictly comply with the letter and sprit of the laws and regulations concerned and provide services and other products according to them, while thoroughly observing corporate ethics.

Control and protection of confidential information

We are conscious that the proper control of confidential information is an important basis of our business activities, and attempt to improve the system and mechanism of its control. We properly control the valuable information delivered from customers and business partners, and make conscientious efforts to protect confidential or otherwise classified information.

Protection of intellectual properties

We commit ourselves to protecting the intellectual properties of our customers as well as those of our partner entities that support our activities.

Compliance with competition law

We exercise fair trade practices in compliance with the competition law and antimonopoly law of the individual countries pertinent to our business. We never commit any act that might hinder fair and free competition, such as organizing a cartel or exercising bid-rigging.

Export transaction control

We observe the foreign exchange law and foreign trade law, check the information and business activities of international partner companies, and do not export arms, weapons or associated technologies. We perform fair export and import transactions in strict compliance with international trade laws and bilateral or multilateral agreements.

Prevention of corruption

We commit ourselves to preventing any forms of corruption that may occur in our business activities, including bribery.

2.Human rights and labor

Affirmative action

On all occasions related to employment (recruiting, admission, promotion, remuneration, right to education, task allocation, wage, welfare, benefits, punishment, dismissal, retirement, and the like), we do not exercise any discriminatory conduct based on any individualities protected by the pertinent laws in individual countries, such as race, ethnic group, nationality, religion, age, and sex.

Respect for human rights

We do not exercise any discriminatory conduct or abuse human rights on any grounds, including nationality, citizenship, race, skin color, ideology, religion, birth (ethnic group), marital status, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, place of birth, social status, or any other individualities that regional law specifies.

Child labor and forced labor

We never utilize forced labor or child labor, or accept any other similar conduct.

Protection of intellectual properties

We commit ourselves to protecting the intellectual properties of our customers as well as those of our partner entities that support our activities.


We pay at least legal minimal wage to each employee and do not conduct any unfair wage reduction.

Working hours

We prepare a system to monitor and control the working hours of employees properly, and perform proper working-hour control.

Freedom of association

We respect employees’ rights of freedom of association and their rights of collective bargaining.

Safe and healthy working environment

To ensure safety and health in workplaces is one of the most important responsibilities of the company. We commit ourselves to retaining and preparing a safe, hygienic working environment. We also comply with the labor agreements and work rules agreed on by labor unions.

3.Local society and global society


We are conscious that the conservation of the global environment is one of the critical issues that are shared among all human beings. We consider the impact on the environment due to business activities such as the manufacturing and sales of our products, and we commit ourselves to preventing environmental contamination by observing the environmental policies and conservation activities that we have established.

Responsible procurement of resources and materials

We perform procurement activities in consideration of the impact on local communities when the procurement thereof may pose a social problem, such as the abuse of human rights or impact on the environment. When there is such a concern, we perform measures to avoid using the material.

Contribution to local communities

We respect the cultures and customs in the communities where we operate, and contribute to the development of such communities, and commit to a multitude of social contributions, such as participation in community activities, disaster relief activities, and volunteer activities.


Global Network


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