Manufacturing automobile parts by advanced micro-controlled heading techniques

Message from President

Message from President

Since our founding in 1933, Fuserashi has been meeting customer needs in precision nuts, headed products and forged products throughout the world, building a national network of sales offices along with four domestic and three overseas manufacturing plants.
With a priority on quality, a commitment to deadlines and reasonable pricing, Fuserashi produces high-quality, safe products to customers around the world and participates in planning new products friendly to the environment from the development stage.
In recent years, we have boosted our lineup to automobile-related products, eco-products and special architecture composite products, meeting an wide range of customer needs with a global perspective.
As a trusted manufacturer, we will continue to use our unique technological expertise and flexible conceptualization process to meet the needs of a new age, ever working to meet new challenges. I hope you will expect great things from the Fuserashi Group.